Rep. Ilhan Omar Says Israel Must Be Held Accountable for 'Every War Crime Committed' During 11-Day Conflict With Hamas

Brittany M. Hughes | May 21, 2021

Hamas terrorist-sympathizing Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar (D) is now calling for Israel to be held accountable for “every war crime committed” during their 11-day conflict with Hamas.

"We should all be grateful that a ceasefire will prevent more civilians and children from being killed," Omar tweeted following news that Israel and Palestine had agreed to a cease-fire following a nearly two-week-long bloody skirmish that left nearly 300 dead across both sides. "But now what? We need accountability for every war crime committed. And we need to stop underwriting crimes against humanity while doing nothing to end the occupation."

The latest conflict between Israel and Hamas began when Hamas started launching a barrage of missiles into Israel supposedly in retaliation for Israeli police attacks on Palestinian Muslims at a mosque in Jerusalem, just one of dozens of skirmishes between Palestinians and Israelis in the city that have ramped up in recent weeks. 

At least 20 percent of Hamas’ rockets reportedly landed on the Gaza side of the border, contributing to the number of Palestinian deaths during the battle (which currently stands at an estimated 250). In turn, Israel responded by shooting down most of the rockets before they could land in-country, while also targeting a number of high-rise structures in Palestine known to be used by Hamas terrorists as control centers and weapons storehouses. While Israel reportedly warned civilians living in the same buildings to evacuate beforehand, the blasts left a number of civilians dead.

At least 13 Israelis were killed in the fight.

Not to be outdone, Omar's 'Squad' co-member, Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib, also gave head-nod to the cease-fire while demanding that the U.S. pull all funding from Israel's "apartheid government" if it fails to uphold Palestinian's "human rights," with neither congresswoman addressing the fact that Hamas first fired rockets into Israel and that their own rockets are responsible for the deaths of some of their own people.

"A ceasefire is necessary, but will not alone achieve freedom, justice, and equality for all who live under Israel's apartheid government. The U.S. must condition funding to uphold human rights, and end the funding entirely if those conditions are not met," she tweeted. 

(Cover Photo: Gage Skidmore)