Rep. Ilhan Omar Places 'Responsibility' of Climate Change on the U.S., Never Mentions China

Nick Kangadis | March 18, 2019
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This is exactly what I’ve been talking about when it comes to far-left “progressives,” which is just a PC way of saying socialist. They never try to make the U.S. a better place, instead attempting to change the America to fit their radically, far-left ideology.

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) is a shining example of this practice. All the world’s ills must fall at the feet of the U.S., because we have so much “privilege” that it must be our fault.

Omar spoke at a protest featuring high school-aged children in Washington D.C. this past Friday and said that the U.S. “must bear responsibility for climate change [more] than any other country in the world.”

Take a look:


While the U.S. is second in the world in “CO2 emissions from Fossil Fuel Combustion” (15 percent) — according to the Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center (CDIAC)— China produces nearly a third (30 percent) of all emissions, but Omar never mentioned them one time.

“I am here because I believe we face the greatest thereat of [sic] humanity has ever faced,” Omar said, “and that is climate change.”

I thought the “greatest threat” was “white supremacy” or “President Trump” or “gun violence” or “healthcare” or “illegal immigrants being deported” or whatever else the flavor of the week might be. Whatever far-left politicians tell us is important this week will change with the news cycle. Next week it'll be something different, and you won't hear about last week's topic for a while.

Politicians are opportunists who prey upon the gullibility of the populace for personal gain. They seem to say just about anything in order to maintain or gain a more powerful grip over the people they were elected to represent. We hear the same lip-service year after year after year. Maybe we should be asking the question of whether they’re saying what they’re saying to help or to divide, for whatever reason.

H/T: The Hill

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