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Rep. Ilhan Omar Complains the Mueller Investigation Has 'Taken Place Behind Closed Doors'


Rep. Ilhan Omar took a break from downplaying the 9/11 terrorist attack and giggling about al Qaeda Friday to express her displeasure that the entire Mueller investigation “took place behind closed doors.”

You know, as investigations tend to do, considering they’re…well, investigations.

On top of that, Omar is also demanding that the un-redacted version of the Mueller report be released to the public, apparently unaware that to do so would be illegal, would unlawfully expose personal information of peripheral persons caught up in the investigation, and would compromise other criminal investigations.

But apparently, basic standard procedure for investigating potential crimes is foreign to Omar, who’s echoing House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler’s call for Robert Mueller to testify before Congress about his report, which found there was no evidence that Trump or his campaign colluded with the Russians to rig the 2016 election.

At this point, it’s clear the left was never prepared to accept Mueller’s findings unless they confirmed the conclusion they’d already determined more than two years ago. Guess it’s time to move the goalpost.

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