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Rep. Hank Johnson: Ben Carson Supporters Are Ignorant 'Lynch Mob'


Monday, on the Michael Smerconish radio show, Rep. Hank Johnson(D-GA) accused Dr. Ben Carson of whipping his ignorant supporters into a “frenzy” and creating a “lynch-mob” mentality against president Obama.

After saying that he thought that President Obama was one of  “..the greatest presidents that we’ve had in the history of this nation,”  Johnson went on to say that Obama’s opponents have engaged in an effort to personally dehumanize the president.

He went on to single out Dr. Carson and his supporters accusing Carson on using his race to tap into the ignorance of the American people. 

“To the extent that we have African-Americans trying to tap into that vein of ignorance. African-Americans like Dr. Ben Carson who is a very smart well-educated man and knows exactly what he’s doing. When we have blacks like that trying to tap into the ignorance of people who have been whipped into a frenzy, like a lynch mob, and you go to try to garner support from those folks, I think it’s very disappointing that we would have that kind of political discourse going on in this country. Appealing to the lowest common denominator, there could be nothing more disappointing than that kind of thinking.”


This, of course coming from an elected official who is best known for raising concerns, in a House hearing that the island of Guam might literally capsize due to over-population.

It's unclear if Rep. Johnson's constituents are aware of their representatives long and hilarious history of idiotic statements.

But many of Ben Carson's supporters are probably familiar with them and I can tell you first hand that they still elicit a chuckle from my co-workers and other conservatives whenever they are brought up.  

So, I hope the supreme irony of Johnson using the word "ignorance" in anything other than a self-referential way is not lost on our readers.

Hat Tip: Daily Surge

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