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Rep. Grijalva: No Wall – Legalize ‘Millions Upon Millions’


Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-Ariz.) says walls, more border agents and sweeps for illegal aliens are “not going to solve the problem of immigration.”

Grijalva discussed immigration on C-Span Tuesday saying, “Until we do that – tackle this issue- not- without the slogan ‘we have to build a wall’, we have to send 5,000 more border patrol agents to the border, we have to start these sweeps inside our communities and break up families. That is not going to solve the problem of immigration – a 20% tariff on Mexico – all those kinds of issues are not going to take care of it.”



The Co-Chair for the House Progressive Caucus says that the issue is complex and the best way to address it is with a pathway to citizenship for “millions upon millions.”

“That complexity demands that we do something that is going to last. That is just and fair and that provides a pathway to legalization and citizenship for millions upon millions of people in this country."

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