Rep. Green’s: ‘Impeachment Update’

Eric Scheiner | November 15, 2017
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Rep. Al Green (D-Texas) stood ”before the world today (Tuesday) with an impeachment update.”

Yep. Green’s at it - again. His effort to impeach President Trump for the “incitement of hate” will arrive like a turkey at a table, before Christmas. According to Green, it's all because President Trump is pushing the country back, by pushing us forward to the future.

“But I want to assure every American that this vote on Articles of Impeachment will take place before Christmas, and that this vote will be about the incitement of hate, about how the country is being pushed back, and how America is better than the direction that someone seeks to push us forward into,” Green said on the House floor.

“This is a great country, and we cannot tolerate hate. This may be one of the few times in the history of the country that persons will be given the opportunity to take a stand against hate by casting the appropriate vote in the Congress of the United States of America.”

“I will give future updates on impeachment from this podium.”

Liberals wait with bated breath. Don't forget the main “incitement of hate” that Green refers to is Trump's tweets about NFL players kneeling.

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