Rep. Clay Higgins Challenges Left-Wing Border Myths in a Brutally Honest New Video

Brittany M. Hughes | April 3, 2017
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Louisiana Rep. Clay Higgins just laid it down when it comes to the dangers United States border agents face on the field every day at the Southwest U.S.-Mexico border.

In a video posted to Higgins’ Facebook page Sunday (which had garnered nearly 2 million views in just 15 hours), the Republican representative challenged left-wing naysayers who get riled up whenever border agents are forced to protect themselves from assaults by illegal aliens seeking to cross the border unlawfully.

Standing near the edge of the U.S.-Mexico border, Higgins explained, “The next time you see a liberal reporter complaining about border patrol returning fire on some poor, poor illegal immigrant throwing little pebbles at them, understand, that’s not what they’re throwing.”

“They’re throwing this,” he said, holding up a rock twice the size of a man’s fist. “And if you don’t think this is a lethal weapon, you obviously haven’t read the Bible very much.”

In a brutally honest, up-front clip spanning fewer than two minutes, Higgins reveals just how border agents have to protect themselves against attacks while on the job.

When it comes to describing violent attacks on border agents, Higgins is dead-on. Customs and Border Protection shows ssaults against border agents are up 179 percent over this time last year, with a total of 442 assaults on border personnel having been reported in the five months between Oct. 1 and Feb. 28. That’s an average of about three assaults per day.

One border agent in California was recently injured after his vehicle was pelted with rocks, shattering the glass. Dozens of other agents have been beamed in the head with a brick or jumped by an illegal alien trying to get into the United States.

On Valentines Day, 126 individual assaults were reported from a single incident, in which seven agents were attacked by six individuals launching rocks, bottles and logs.