Rep. Brat: 'Border Security' Bill is Actually 'Trojan Horse' for Amnesty, $10B 'Slush Fund'

Brad Fox | January 22, 2015
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The McCaul "border security" bill is actually a "Trojan horse" designed to promote amnesty and create a $10 billiion "slush fund," Rep. Dave Brat (R-Va.) warned today in an interview this week on The John Fredericks Show. 

Rep. Brat said the deceptively-named bill is a bunch of Washington jargon which, in the end, maintains the status quo, keeps all current incentives in place for illegal immigrants to come here, and includes a 10 billion dollar slush fund for Obama to use how he sees fit. 

“The most troubling aspect is this Trojan horse thing. If you pass a bill called ‘border security,’ then the other side is going to say, ‘Hey, look, we already did it, we passed border security, so now it’s time for step two, which is amnesty-- let everyone in, legalize them, because we now have a secure border.’”

“If you read the bill carefully, there’s $10 billion in a slush fund to help the status quo do what it’s doing now.”

Rep. Brad accused Pres. Obama of "riding roughshod over the law" and said it would be foolish to give him $10 billion since he has no intention of actually securing the border:

 “It does not secure the border. It leaves authority in the hands of President Obama on that issue. And just look at what President Obama has done with ObamaCare, etc. and he’s riding roughshod over the law. And we’re going to give… $10 billion dollars… to leave the authority in the hands of someone who already doesn’t want to enforce the border? "

He mentions that when they eventually strike the bill down, the other side will complain that they tried to pass a "border security" bill and the mean Republicans claimed it didn't go far enough for them. 

The representative said that loaded terms in the bill giving power to the secretary to determine "situational awareness" and following it up with a report in two years is basically saying they won't do anything. They are telling the guys at the border, "you now have authority to do your job that we’ve asked you not to do up to this point." 

 "So do we trust that under Obama’s executive powers he’s going to actually put this in place? Or are we going to hand him a bill where he can say, ‘hey, we just passed a bill, did border enforcement, so now that everything’s safe, it’s good to do amnesty, and go to phase two.'?”