Remember When? The View Compares Avenatti to the Holy Spirit

Patrick Hauf | August 3, 2018
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(This story is a Flashback. Originally published on August 3, 2018)

I’ve found it: the cringiest two minutes in the history of television — and, unsurprisingly, it’s from The View.

Friday’s edition of the ABC show was co-hosted by Michael Avenatti, who has risen to fame as pornstar Stormy Daniels’ lawyer. And the madness begins when CNN commentator Ana Navarro likened Avenatti to the Holy Spirit.

Yes, you read that right.

“Lately, to me, you’re like the Holy Spirit. You are all places at all times. Right. I mean, I do — I see you all over cable news, I see — there’s a seat available if you want to be a co-host at ‘The View.’ There’s people here you can pitch. He’d be a great lady around the table” Navarro ranted.

“[Avenatti] has a bigger calling here. Being a lawyer is minimal compared to what he’s doing,” Joy Behar said.

Navarro interrupted, “The priesthood?”

Behar continued, “He’s out there saving the country.”

After Avenatti went on a worthless rant, the discussion shifted to President Trump, who Behar called “ubiquitous.”

Meghan McCain then jumped into the conversation, saying, “He is the President of the United States.”

“Is he? Not mine,” Behar sassed back.

Once the Avenatti-loving and Trump-bashing finally ended, McCain pressed the pornstar’s lawer with a well prepared question, noting how another lawyer recently criticized him for his “incessant commentary.”

“You’ve done over 200 Tv appearances. You’re guest hosting today. Do you think fame hurts your credibility at all?” she asked.

“No. Actually, I think it adds to credibility,” he responded.

Sure — because nothing screams “I have credibility” like a practicing lawyer co-hosting The View.

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