Reid: Sanders ‘Better Do a Little Mathing’

Monica Sanchez | June 1, 2016

(Image via Twitter)

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid said in an interview with The Associated Press Wednesday evening that Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-Vt.) ought to “do a little mathing” on his chances of winning the Democratic presidential nomination.

“Sometimes you just have to give up,” said Reid. “I’ve lost before. The numbers aren’t there."

He stopped just short of calling Sanders to drop out of the race.

“I've never been too good at math, but I can figure that one out,” he fired. “I think he better do a little mathing."

Clinton currently has 2,312 delegates, 71 delegates away from clinching the Democratic presidential nomination.

Sanders trails Clinton with 1,545 delegates and intends on staying in the race through the Democratic National Convention in July.

He hopes to win over some of the 543 superdelegates backing Clinton with a victory in California on June 7.