Reid: Obama Is "Stealing Power", Let's Get Some More Earmarks

Joe Schoffstall | December 17, 2010
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Harry Reid said that Obama is 'stealing power', and the solution is to load up on more earmarks. According to Reid, they have a Constitutional duty to do 'congressional spending.'

Allahpundit over at Hot Air pretty much summed up everything that can be said about this:

Via Greg Hengler, an important lesson on constitutional limitations from the man who steered ObamaCare through the Senate. Try to hold back the tears as he whips out his pocket Constitution in defense of the noble principle of spending $750,000 in taxpayer money on a women’s center at an all-women’s college or a cool $35 million in the name of … “food justice.” But give him credit for shrewd pandering, no matter how absurd the Madison-would-have-wanted-it-that-way defense of pork might seem: If there’s any argument that could get conservatives to even fleetingly reconsider their opposition to earmarks, curbing The One’s power is it.
This is a nice back- handed attempt to justify earmark spending...
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