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The Red Cross Sets MSNBC Straight: 'No One is Banning Us' From Serving Border


Over the weekend, the Red Cross tweeted about its desire to help immigrant children separated from their families at the border but how it hasn't been given permission to access facilities where they are being held.

The humanitarian organization added that there are several "trusted organizations providing assistance" and even attached a link to a list of them. 

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough twisted Red Cross's statement to say it was "banned" from helping at all: 

The Red Cross decided to set Joe straight and let him know what really was going on:

The Red Cross added, "We have been in contact at many different levels of the Administration to offer our help with the border situation. Officials have welcomed and appreciated the discussions, understand our capabilities, and know that Red Cross help is available."

But it doesn’t end there! Joe insisted on his spin of the original statement. 

Looks like the only one trying to spin this in favor of their own political agenda is you, Joe.

After the "Morning Joe" host threw his two cents in, everyone else lost their minds and decided to join in on the absurdity.

The Red Cross “is not a federal agency” according to their website -- despite its "close relationship with the federal government.” They are still discussing with the administration exactly how they can help at the border.

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