Record Number of High Schoolers Now 'Identify' As Gay, Bi, or 'Questioning'

Brittany M. Hughes | April 27, 2023
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Think the left’s all-out targeting of children with their radical agenda isn’t having an effect? Think again.

A new study out from the CDC shows a stunning 1in 4 high school students self-identify as bisexual, gay, or “other,” up more than double the number that said the same just seven years ago.

The Center For Disease Control’s most recent Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance Survey, taken every two years, found that only 75.5% of high school students surveyed said they identified as heterosexual in 2021. Nearly 25%, on the other hand, said they identified as something other than straight, with 12% claiming they were bisexual, 4% saying they were “other,” and slightly more than 5% saying they were “questioning” their sexual orientation. Interestingly, the number of teens who self-identified as gay - arguably the most committed non-straight group, given their swearing off the opposite sex entirely - remained at a low 3%.

Conversely, only about seven percent of adults self-identify as LGBTQ.

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The number of high schoolers self-ID’ing as something other than straight is a dramatic rise from those who were saying the same back in 2015. Just seven years ago, the CDC reported only 11% of teens said they were bisexual, gay, or otherwise queer or questioning. That number has steadily risen in recent years, with 15% self-reporting as LGBTQ in 2017.

The increase in teens identifying as something other than straight comes as radical leftists push LGBTQ propaganda in nearly every segment of society, from public school classrooms and gatherings to community events, in Hollywood, and all over social media. 

An observant person might almost think it's more trendy than truthful.

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