Really? Louisville Mayor May Declare 'Racism' A 'Public Health Crisis'

P. Gardner Goldsmith | August 2, 2020
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At times people do things that inspire others to learn, to step back and realize, “Hmm. I have to remind myself about a few things.”

This is one of those times.

Neil Shah, of the Daily Caller, reports that the City Council of Louisville, KY and its almighty Mayor, Greg Fischer, are eager to follow the path of politicians in nineteen states, declaring that “racism is a public health crisis.”

Which poses a beehive of painful questions. But first, here are some of the exciting, virtue-signal, fantasy-land details.

City officials met with Kendal Boyd, Chief Equity Officer, and T Gonzales, director of the Center for Health Equity, who jointly presented information and statistics about health, economic and social inequities experienced by communities of color, according to a city government press release… Boyd and Gonzales recommended to the city council and mayor’s office that they declare racism a public health crisis given the numerous disparities populations of color experience.

And what, exactly, do they mean by “disparities”?

If they mean that there are statistical differences in health statuses among various quintiles of various “populations of color”, are they implying that these differences are a result of racism? Racism by whom, directed against whom, and “committed” in what manner?

Those “economic and social inequalities” must be the answer. They must, of course, be the fault of other people, of the implied “white male”… Which leads one straight to the current popular cheese of the year, “Structural Racism”, the fuzzy term that money-hungry, power-hungry political types bandy about in order to gain more attention, demonize property ownership, and squeeze more cash out of hard-working people who never acted in any racist way against anyone.

And what if someone did?

Let’s say there was a racist doctor, and he or she didn’t want to serve Swedes or descendants of Irish immigrants. Is there some moral imperative and purity that grants the government the power to force that doctor to give someone service? Do people not have a right to be inactive and not associate with others, as much as we might not like that?

What if we lived in a town where everyone but one man was racially easygoing? Since that places the racist in the minority, does that mean that the government can force us to deal with him? To shop at his store? To grant him our service if he asks for it?

And how does any of the infinitely squirrely nonsense of mandating homogeneity of opinion and taste have anything to do with so-called “public” health?

The Mayor seems to know. He’s up for this idea, saying in a statement:

Identifying and working to eliminate structural racism has been a priority for me and my team for over a decade, but there’s much more to be done. Now, as we see people in our streets and in streets across the nation demanding fundamental change, we must have a new sense of urgency to make this declaration and do the hard work of dismantling racism and creating real transformation. I look forward to partnering with Council on this work.

There we go.

It’s structural. You were part of it and you didn’t know it. You participated and benefitted from it, and you didn’t know it, you evil cad. You were racist without knowing it.

Evil jerk.

So, despite all the unconstitutional medical programs, all the welfare programs, all the public school meals, and babysitting, and psych visits, and “nutrition” classes, and all the government-funded public service rituals… despite all that, if a “euphimsim” within a “community of euphemism” (because no one is an individual now, everyone is part of a giant racial slab of nonsense) should not take care of himself or herself, not handle his or her own health insurance or be part of a community group the way Alexis  de Tocqueville discovered Americans handled their lives and their neighborly relations back in the 1800s – it’s not your fault.

After all, individual responsibility is a mirage. What politicians says goes, and it’s all about identity politics.

Of course, anyone who knows even a scintilla about logic or politics knows that the term “public health” is a mirage itself. There is no such thing, because the “public” is not a person, and can’t be healthy or ill. There is only individual health or illness, individual will, individual responsibility. The moment “public” is attached to something, it means politicians are invading a private space, claiming for the government some arena that is not theirs, saying that they, the overlords, have a say in how your life is run.

Resist them. Fight them. Do not let them manipulate the language or your life.



The only systemic anything comes through political force, as Adam Smith said in the 18th Century, the “man of system” is the politician, and, often, he or she does not have your best interest in mind. In fact, they only way the politician can operate is by interfering with and taking away your ability to handle your own life.

The government is the greatest threat to individual health ever created by man, and this cannot be refuted.