Really? Klobuchar: Stop Sexism On The Internet - Nominate A Woman

Eric Scheiner | February 19, 2020
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During an argument over toxic Twitter supporters among the Democratic Presidential candidates, Amy Klobuchar suggested sexism on the internet could be stopped by nominating a woman.

“I have an idea how we could stop sexism on the internet,” Klobuchar interjected during Wednesday night’s Democratic Presidential Debate.

“We could nominate a woman for candidate of President of the United States. That could go a long way.”

Klobuchar’s comment stopped an argument between Pete Buttigieg and Sen. Bernie Sanders about sexist and racist internet attacks from campaign supporters.

Klobuchar didn’t elaborate on how nominating a woman in 2020 would stop sexism on the internet. It didn't come to an end the last time they nominated a woman in 2016.