Really? Cuomo Calls Out Unvaccinated Despite Own Nursing Home Scandal: 'Maybe You...Wind Up Killing Your Grandma'

Nick Kangadis | May 4, 2021
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Hard leftists like New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) seem to have an ever-increasing lack of self-awareness. They say things as if they’re being clever when, in fact, they are guilty — in one way or another — of doing things quite similar to what they accuse others of doing.

Cuomo held yet another Chinese coronavirus press conference on Monday, spoke about the people not getting vaccinated and said one of the most idiotic things he’s ever said — and that’s saying something.

“My argument is, yeah, maybe you’ll be fine. And by the way, you don’t know that either. We’ve had a lot of young people who have died,” Cuomo said, as reported by The Federalist. “Maybe you will get a long-haul syndrome that we’re not really sure what it is yet, but a lingering consequence of COVID. Or maybe you go home and kiss your grandmother and wind up killing your grandma. So, show some civic responsibility.”

How about being responsible enough to not write a book about how you’re the savior of a pandemic while at the same time having your office hide the number of sick people you shoved into nursing homes resulting in thousands upon thousands of deaths?

Here’s video of Cuomo saying the stupid crap quoted above:

But don’t ask Cuomo about the multiple reports, even from people in his own administration, that the number of people who died as a result of Cuomo’s nursing home were underreported and downplayed by the national, elitist media.

No, don’t ask him about that.

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