Really? Biden Admin: ‘Every Day Americans Save About $420M At The Pump’

Eric Scheiner | October 20, 2022
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Math. It’s just the latest thing the Biden administration is attempting to pervert.

While being questioned about rising gas prices under Joe Biden, White House Spokesman Karine Jean-Pierre performed some mental gymnastics with mathematics.

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“Every month, the typical two-driver family saves about $120 at the pump compared to where we were in mid-June. Everyday Americans — Americans saved about $420 million at the pump compared to mid-June,”

Uh-huh. Americans are just reeling in those savings at the gas pump.

As the New York Post has pointed out:

While the price of gasoline has fallen from a nationwide average of $5.01 per gallon on June 14 to $3.85 per gallon as of Wednesday, according to AAA, Americans are still feeling pain at the pump compared to when Biden took office — when the price of a gallon of gas averaged $2.37

The Twitterverse noticed.