Reality Check: Special Snowflakes are Hilarious, Until They Aren't

Brittany M. Hughes | December 19, 2016
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Here at MRCTV, we're really enjoyed poking fun at just how ridiculous our college campuses have become. Because seriously, if you bring in kittens and coloring books to help adult college students deal with a presidential election, you deserve to be mocked and shamed. And as long as they keep crying, we’ll keep laughing.

Unfortunately, there’s a much more serious side to this issue. This nation is running a very dangerous and very, very real chance of being handed over to a generation who thinks that the best way to handle your differences is to scream, whine and pout. It used to be that we solved this impulse back in kindergarten when we were taught how to share our blocks with the other little boys and girls. Now, we not even allowed to differentiate between boys and girls, and if you get your adult feelings hurt in your underwater basket weaving class and decide to have a good cry about it, you get a lollipop and a puppy.

It's time to call out this issue for what it really is -- a increasingly dangerous problem. 

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