REALITY CHECK: As Millions More Americans Lose Their Jobs, the Left Uses COVID-19 To Push Their 'Green' Agenda

Brittany M. Hughes | April 23, 2020
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More than 26 million people are now without a job in the United States. The dominos are starting to fall on small businesses, large companies, entire global industries and the millions of people they employ. What we're doing to ourselves is so bad, it's impossible to nutshell the devastating economic effect that it's having on our society and the entire world.
But don’t worry! CNN is finding silver linings for the planet and AOC is praising the death of the oil industry as a chance to usher in her Green New Deal. Because for liberals, the coronavirus is a shiny new opportunity to seize the only thing they’ve ever really wanted: control.
And if millions of Americans have to suffer in the meantime, so be it. 


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