READ: The First Lady's Classy Response to the Media Madness Over Her Red Christmas Trees

Monica Sanchez | November 28, 2018
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First Lady Melania Trump delivered a classy response after the media made a huge ruckus over her decision to include red Christmas trees in the White House Christmas decorations this year.

At an event on the opioid epidemic Wednesday, Mrs. Trump took questions, one being what she thought about the media criticizing her choice of decorations for the East Colonnade when there are real issues to report on.

"We are in 21st century and everybody has a different taste," she said. "I think they look fantastic. I hope everybody will come over and visit it. In real life, they look even more beautiful. And you are all very welcome to visit the White House, the people’s house.”

She later added that the media “would like to portray different stories and focus on unimportant stuff.”

“I’m here to shine the light and focus on important stuff,” said Mrs. Trump.

Instead of reporting on real issues like the opioid epidemic in the U.S., the media on Monday covered the First Lady’s White House Christmas décor, with outlets like Slate speculating “what message” Melania was trying to send “with her red Christmas trees of death” and USA Today likening the red trees to the Netflix show “Handmaid’s Tale,” as MRCTV reported.

“Now this isn’t surprising, given the liberal outrage last year at FLOTUS’ choice of holiday cheer,” MRCTV wrote. “In her Christmas at the White House, Melania put up a pretty row of bare winter branches backlit with glowing white light – a scene progressives were quick to photoshop into a horror scene from a Tim Burton movie.”

Nothing is safe in the Trump White House, not even Christmas decorations.

The First Lady on Wednesday was at an event at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va., where she spoke about fighting the opioid crisis as part of her “Be Best” initiative and sat down with CRTV host Eric Bolling for a Q&A. Bolling, a former Fox News anchor, lost his only son to opioid abuse.

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