Ravens' Lamar Jackson Meets With Superfan Battling Heart Condition

John Simmons | November 10, 2022
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Athletes have a tendency to say and do stupid things. But occasionally, they'll do something that will warm your heart.

On Sunday, the Baltimore Ravens were in New Orleans preparing for a Monday night game against the Saints. Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson held a surprise meeting with Landon Berry, a young boy who is a Lamar superfan and is battling a heart condition. Landon’s father, Jason, organized the event and recorded a video of the two meeting in a hotel lobby, and it’s enough to make one swell with emotion.

“It all started over a year ago when Landon said, dad you know my favorite team is the Baltimore Ravens,” Jason, who is a Saints fan, wrote
in a Facebook post. “And I said, ‘oh really why is that?’ He said: ‘because Lamar Jackson is a beast.’ All he ever talked about is how much he would love to meet him. So I started thinking how can I make this happen?”

The dream come true didn’t just end there for Landon. He even got to go on the field for with the quarterback during his warm up routine with Jackson at the Caesars Superdome before the Monday Night Football matchup, capping off an unforgettable experience for the young man.

The Ravens ended up defeating the Saints, 27-13, to improve to 6-3 and maintain their lead in the AFC North.

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