Rashida Tlaib Blames 'Environmental Racism' For Detroit's Pollution Problem

Brittany M. Hughes | January 10, 2020
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House Democrat Rashida Tlaib is blaming "environmental racism" for why Detroit is a literal pile of hot steaming garbage - despite the fact that the Michigan metropolis is run by, and represented by, her own party.

"Environmental racism is what this is and it should be called out that way," Tlaib tweeted in response to an article detailing how Detroit's urban poor are affected by pollution.

"We deserve clean air. We deserve clean water. We deserve to live. We deserve better than doing nothing," she added.

“Environmental racism.”

Not the simple fact that urban areas are more densely populated with taller buildings and fewer natural areas, and are therefore more susceptible to things like smog, pollution and general trash.

Not the fact that most large U.S. cities, including Detroit, are run by Democrats who push left-wing policies that keep residents trapped in cycles of poverty and desperation, which leads to a generally poorer life quality.

“Environmental racism.” Or, to use a clearer, more succinct term, "political pandering."

Tlaib isn't the first to blame urban environmental issues on "racism," nor is Detroit the first and only Democrat-controlled city waste-deep in garbage. While Los Angeles grapples with an increasingly insurmountable homeless problem, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's district seat of San Francisco is so disgusting, even its own Democratic mayor has complained about the human feces, dirty needles and all-around grossness in her city streets. Both New York City and Chicago have been ranked among the smoggiest cities in the country.

But yes, racism. That's the problem.