Rare 30-Year-Old Book Written by Top Chinese Adviser Predicting Downfall of U.S. Seeing Renewed Interest in China


After the events at the Capitol in Washington D.C. on January 6, the communist Chinese government had to be laughing their behinds off. Decades of work subverting the U.S. with their inferior products and communist dogma — disguised as what we now call “social justice” — looks to be paying off as Big Tech and select “American” politicians seemingly do their bidding. And some Chinese communists (Chicoms) knew it would happen, too.

Bloomberg reported that a rare book, written by “the Communist Party’s No. 5 leader and top political theorist to three Chinese presidents,” is seeing renewed interest among “some Chinese intellectuals” as it appears to “forecast the U.S.’s decline due to domestic conflicts.”

Published in 1991, “America Against America” by Wang Huning is selling for around $2,500 in online marketplaces.

“The interest in the book is the result of a renewed desire to understand a U.S. that is in the midst of a civil cold war,” said Wang Wen, executive dean of Renmin University’s Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies, according to Bloomberg. “China’s doubts about the U.S. will certainly increase in light of recent events.”

If Chinese communists believe that the U.S. is currently in a “civil cold war,” why is it that the radical media outlets that receive millions of dollars from them silent? Sure, they talk about “domestic terrorism” and “insurrection,” but it’s surprising that a fear-mongering media doesn’t talk about it when they are part of the problem — a major reason for the current divide.

For a little added context, Wang was described in 2017 by Quartz as Chinese president/dictator Xi Jinping’s “Steve Bannon.”

Quartz reported the following about Wang on November 8, 2017:

…he’s been widely described as the intellectual force behind the ideologies espoused by China’s three most recent presidents, including Xi himself[…]

He is known as an advocate of “neo-authoritarianism,” the doctrine holds that political stability is fundamental for economic development, and that democracy and individual rights should come later when the time is appropriate.

People need to stop forgetting about and/or downplaying China’s role in the possible decline of the U.S. Their geopolitical moves are intentional and, unfortunately, seem to be working.

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