Rapper M.I.A. Removed from U.K. Music Festival Following Controversial Comments to Candace Owens

Nick Kangadis | January 13, 2023
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Woke is truly the religion of the global elite, as well as their minions who blindly follow and believe everything they’re told to believe in. If anyone within their sphere of influence — entertainment especially — deviates from the pre-approved narratives, then the herd does everything they can to discredit the entity that attempted to preserve even the slightest level of individualism.

Mathangi “Maya” Arulpragasam MBE, better known by her rapper name M.I.A., was recently removed from the lineup at the two-day Field Day electronic music festival set to take place in August in the U.K.

Why was she removed? Apparently the organizers didn’t like what M.I.A. had to say last November when she appeared on Candace Owens’ podcast.

An appearance like that alone could get someone in the entertainment industry shunned and put on an apology tour, but M.I.A. discussed matters with Owens that she claims many in the industry didn’t ever want her to talk about.

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According to The Daily Wire, the 47-year-old artist said the following:

“They wanted me to be like, ‘I came from a mud hut, like me now, you know, I’m driving a Bentley, and I’m so happy I’m liberated,’” the U.K. rapper shared. “And that was the narrative Hollywood wanted me to say.”

“But money didn’t mean s***, you know, when 150,000 people are getting bombed, and you can’t speak about it,” she added. “And if you have to compromise that to achieve this status, it just wasn’t worth it, you know, in a larger scale, not just talking about myself and my experience, on a larger scale this level of censorship or gaslighting, I would say it induces mental illness in people, which I think is why it’s been going up in society because it’s so, it’s so difficult.”

“Because on the one hand, 99% of the people would have shut up and took the the Bentley route, you know, and become the billionaire,” the artist continued. “And would have found it quite easy to make that compromise, you know, but for me, obviously, I have a very political dad and my family come from that, you know. So it was just not — it was just not an option not to talk about it, because it’s ingrained in the DNA of my music.”

What’s great about M.I.A.’s response to her removal from the festival is that she pointed out the severe hypocrisy of what the establishment will tolerate and what it won’t. You can steal, murder and sex traffic, but don’t you dare say the wrong thing.

How true.

For those that don’t know, perhaps M.I.A.’s biggest hit in the U.S., 2008’s “Paper Planes,” coincided with the release of the Seth Rogen/James Franco stoner flick, “Pineapple Express.”

For her full interview with Owens, watch below:



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