Rapinoe Opens New Entertainment Company To Spew Woke Agenda

John Simmons | December 8, 2022
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USWNT star Megan Rapinoe might be the athlete that makes my skin crawl the most for many reasons: she’s anti-American, one of - if not the - strongest supporter of the LGBT agenda in the realm of athletics, and is as arrogant as they come.

In addition to that sterling combination of traits, she’s now the cofounder of an entertainment company.

Rapinoe and her “wife,” former WNBA star Sue Bird, have created an organization called “A Touch More,” which will seek to create podcasts, streaming content, TV shows, and movies that will “bring a touch more understanding, connection, entertainment, and conversation to the evolving media landscape,” while making a particular effort to highlight “underrepresented communities” (LGBT, people of color, the usual suspects).

Rapinoe probably got some of the necessary funding after automatically “earning” a large portion of the $13 million the USMNT got from playing in the World Cup - while she was sitting on her couch. Or she could be investing the cash she got for driving Subway's sales into the ground.

Of course, an entertainment company run by two angry lesbians sounds like a lot of fun, even if they're choosing to focus on a niche of entertainment that numerous companies have already spent time creating content for.

Credit where it's due, though. Rapinoe and Bird understand the power of entertainment to push an agenda. More often than not, people of today’s generation are influenced by what they see in movies or shows. While most people might think they could never be duped into believing something so far-left through entertainment -- like what Rapinoe and Bird want to create -- if you hear any message enough times, you’ll start to believe it.  The principle behind the old saying, “You are what you eat,” aptly applies to this context.

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Pushing back against such toxic companies starts with not watching anything these companies create, but it goes beyond that. Conservatives should make a stronger effort to produce entertainment that speaks a different message than mainstream content and remind people of some of the values our country was built on that we frequently forsake. 

We saw the success that "Top Gun: Maverick" had this past year. All we need is more men and women in entertainment brave enough to make a stand against the progressive influence of this sphere.

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