Rand Paul: 'No Amount of Bailout Dollars Will Stimulate an Economy That is Being Strangled by Quarantine'

Nick Kangadis | April 22, 2020
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Perhaps no one knows the effects COVID-19 has had on the U.S. and the world better than Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.). Paul tested positive for the novel coronavirus in March and was in self-quarantine until he retested negative for the virus. Not only that, but as a physician, Paul volunteered at a local hospital following his negative test to help those in need of medical care, including those afflicted with COVID-19. So it should come as no surprise that Paul would have a take on the $484 billion small business package before it passed in the Senate on Tuesday.

While Paul didn't block the bill, he had some very strong words against the package that will push this year's national deficit near $4 trillion.

Here's part of what Paul said on Tuesday:

The debate should now include the one choice that will get our economy growing again - reopening American commerce. So today I rise in opposition to spending $500 billion more. The virus bailouts have already cost over $2 trillion. Our annual deficit this year will approach $4 trillion. We can't continue on this course. No amount of bailout dollars will stimulate an economy that is being strangled by quarantine. It is not a lack of money that plagues us, but a lack of commerce. This economic calamity only resolves when we begin to reopen the economy. 

Paul went on to praise the job Americans have done in the face of this crisis by banding together while remaining apart to help those in need and keep to the guidelines to try and prevent further spread of the virus.

For Paul's full speech from Tuesday on the Senate floor, watch below: