Rand Paul: Hillary’s 'Shell Corporation' Shows Her 'Character,' 'Wisdom' 'Impropriety'

Barbara Boland | April 28, 2015
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As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton "got to be on the approval of whether or not a uranium company was sold to Russia, and she allowed it to happen, while receiving money from the shareholders,” said Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), skewering candidate Hillary Clinton on Fox & Friends yesterday.

Paul pointed out that Hillary Clinton promised President Obama "that she would release the [names of] donors."

"Now it turns out the reason they didn’t release these donors is they set up a sort-of a dummy or a shell corporation of the foundation that’s Canadian," said Paul. "And they said, ‘Oh we only agreed to do the U.S. foundation, not the Canadian foundation.’"

"Ya think they might have done that because they were worried about these shareholders?” Paul asked rhetorically.

"It's very worrisome that the Russians now own a uranium company that does 20% of the uranium mining in our country,” said Paul . “In order for the Russians to buy this group, it had to be approved by Hillary Clinton… if she stood up and objected, the sale wouldn’t have gone through.”

“But now the Russians own 20% of our uranium, and it turns out that the people that own the mining company donated $100 million to the Clinton Foundation,” said Paul, adding sarcastically: “There seems to be, maybe, the possibility at least, of a little impropriety here.”

When asked whether the sale of uranium was bribery, Paul replied: “Well I think it has the appearance of impropriety… There ought to be rules against this; in fact the Constitution says when you’re in high office, you cannot take gifts from foreign countries."

Her scandal "goes to character, it goes to wisdom" said Paul. "She kept sending security home, but then saying 'Oh I didn't make any of these decisions,'" said Paul. "[That] goes to wisdom."




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