Rand Paul: 'Hillary Clinton Shouldn't Have Taken That Money' from Saudi Arabia

Barbara Boland | March 25, 2015
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Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) said last night on Fox News’ The Hannity Show that “a country that lives with stone-age barbarism like” Saudi Arabia would not give to Hillary Clinton or the Clinton Foundation “unless they were buying influence.”

Sean Hannity said he was “really glad to see” Paul go after Hillary Clinton for some of the questionable and anti-democratic countries that the Clinton Foundation has accepted money from like Saudi Arabia “they stone people to death… imprison people for adultery, the kind of thing you think someone for women’s rights would be standing up against.”

Hannity asked: “Do you think that was a bribe? Do you think that money was given for the specific purpose of buying influence, the money that she got from Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, and all these other places?”

“Well it’s kind of unusual, that a country like Saudi Arabia that will imprison a rape victim, in fact they gave 70 lashes to a rape victim for being in the car with a man who was not her husband while she was being raped – that is so beyond the pale, so unconscionable, that Hillary Clinton shouldn’t have taken that money and she should return it,” said Paul.

“Why would a country that lives with stone-age barbarism like that, why would they give money to Hillary Clinton or to the Clinton Foundation unless they were buying influence?  Why would they give it if Hillary Clinton is supporting opposite policies? The thing is, is that there are a lot of unsavory characters and when they hand out money – I think, by the millions – you have to wonder why Hillary Clinton would accept it and why, frankly, she won’t return it,” Paul said.

Paul told Hannity that he may have an “announcement” on April 7th (presumably the day he will announce his presidential candidacy.) 




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