Ramaswamy Sues DOJ, Files FOIA Request 'to Understand What Biden and Garland Told Jack Smith' About Trump Prosecutions

Nick Kangadis | August 3, 2023
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Standing in front of the E. Barrett Prettyman Federal Courthouse in Washington D.C. — the same courthouse that former President Donald Trump is being arraigned at on Thursday — businessman and 2024 Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy said that he not only sued the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) “earlier this week,” but also filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request “to understand what President [Joe] Biden told [DOJ Special Counsel] Jack Smith” and what “[Attorney General] Merrick Garland told” Smith concerning the multiple prosecutions of Trump.

Ramaswamy went on to talk about why he’s taking such actions against the federal government.

“We live in an era of the noble lie — the so-called lie that the government tells to its people — because it believes that people can’t handle the truth,” Ramaswamy said. “Why is it that we see the rise of three different indictments, three supposedly independent prosecutions, at the same time in the midst of a presidential election? It’s because the government doesn’t trust the people to select their leaders.”

Ramaswamy continued by holding government's feet to the fire concerning the much talked about “weaponization” of the DOJ.

“We fought a revolution in this country in 1776 for a simple idea — that we the people determine how we select our leaders and have a government that is accountable to its people rather than the other way around,” explained Ramaswamy. Yet today, we live in a country where when the people question that government, they are themselves the subject of scrutiny. That is wrong.”

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And in no uncertain terms, Ramaswamy called out Biden and Garland to “tell us the truth.”

“Biden, Garland, tell us the truth about what you actually told Jack Smith,” Ramaswamy continued. “And you go back over the last year, it’s the same story all over again — tell us the truth about the COVID origin, tell us the truth where the virus originated, tell us the truth about vaccine mandates and mask mandates. Even in a recent hearing about UFOs in Congress, just tell us the truth instead of repeatedly hiding from us the information that we need as a people.”

Ramaswamy’s very next sentence told the truth about life, society, how we treat each other and how we expect to be treated.

“Turns out that trust is a two-way relationship,” added Ramaswamy. “The reason that the people don’t trust the government is that our government no longer trust the people.”

For Ramaswamy’s full comments, watch below:


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