Raiders QB On Prayers: ‘A Beautiful, Beautiful Thing’

Eric Scheiner | September 20, 2021
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Las Vegas Raiders QB Derek Carr is thankful for more than his teams two victories so far this season - he’s also thankful for his teammates’ prayers.

During his press conference after his team’s victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, Carr recalled what happened after getting knocked down while throwing a touchdown.

“And in that moment, they all came over and they all started like, praying for me. And it was just this beautiful moment of my teammates, like looking out for me, you know, and that right there - is family to me. It didn't really - I love the touchdown. Don't get me wrong, but that moment right there, I was like, man, I just want to win this game for this team, man. That's a beautiful, beautiful thing that happened,” Carr said.

Carr has often led teams in prayers both before and after NFL games over the past few years. 


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