Raiders' Marshawn Lynch Sits For the U.S. Anthem, But Stands For Mexico's

Nick Kangadis | November 20, 2017
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“Beast Mode” must be a euphemism for something other than football, because Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch certainly isn’t showing it on the field this season.

President Trump called out Lynch early Monday morning on Twitter for Lynch’s national anthem protest before his team’s game against the New England Patriots in Mexico City on Sunday. However, Lynch’s protest was a two-part show.

Lynch could be seen pregame sitting for the U.S. national anthem and standing for the Mexican national anthem.

Here’s a tweet by Boston Globe's NFL writer Ben Volin showing the different stances — or lack thereof — by Lynch:

In response, Trump tweeted this out early Monday morning:

While it’s Lynch’s right to protest peacefully in any way he sees fit, it is also insanely hypocritical for him to stand for a country’s anthem whose government is riddled with corruption while drug cartels essentially keep the Mexican people in fear.

Lynch should just stick to eating Skittles and running up the gut of opposing teams D-lines.

H/T: Daily Caller

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