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Radio Silence: Obama Fails to Condemn Violent Trump Riots


Immediately following Donald Trump’s massive upset over Hillary Clinton at the polls Tuesday, a bunch of special snowflakes who didn’t get their way took to the streets to protest the new president-elect, proceeding to flip cars, burn stuff and cause general manic and mayhem.

Because in America, this is apparently how we solve our problems now. Didn't get what you wanted? Burn a car.

But while fires rage in the streets, cops get attacked and both public and private property gets defaced nationwide, the country has been met with noticeable radio silence from folks like President Barack Obama and former presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, who’ve yet to call for an end to the oft-violent protests that have left some cities in shambles.  

While Obama met with president-elect Trump yesterday at the White House and touted a peaceful transition of power come January, the current occupant of the Oval Office has yet to issue any kind of statement condemning the protests, attacks and open calls for Trump’s death.

I mean, literal calls for his death.

Now, it’s not like a plea for peace from any public figure will suddenly placate all the whining crybabies who apparently possess no capacity for handling defeat like adults. Decades of coddling and participation trophies are hard to unravel overnight.

But still, a little effort might be nice, especially from the guy who constantly lectures us on being nice to illegal aliens and potential terrorists.

And yet, there was no statement from Obama after a Trump supporter in Chicago got yanked from his car and beaten in the street by thugs all because they disagreed with his politics.

There was no statement from Clinton when an 11-year-old boy was beaten by his classmates while his teacher looked on, all because the kid said he’d voted for Trump in his elementary school’s mock student election.

No liberal politician or talking head or public figure said a word while protestors in Oakland, Los Angeles and Portland were busy hurling rocks at cops, chucking molotov cocktails at people, vandalizing local businesses and damaging people’s cars. Because somehow, all that relates to Donald Trump being elected president.

But since our great leader can’t seem to pull himself away from the golf course long enough to scold these heathens like the tantrum-throwing children they are, here’s a thought for the rest of us: maybe we just should give them all a participation trophy and make them feel better.

After all, little criminals, you tried your best.

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