Radical Feminists Feel 'Politically Homeless': 'I Don't Think the Democrats Care About Women and Girls'

Nick Kangadis | March 23, 2022
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You know the left has jumped the shark when radical feminists side against you. I never thought I’d see the day, but with all the conversation over whether a dude should be able to play women’s sports, here we are.

Fox News Digital spoke to women they labeled as “Radical feminists” that were protesting NCAA 500-yard freestyle national champion Lia Thomas’ foray into women’s sports.

For context, Thomas is a man.

More than one of the feminists told the outlet that they feel “politically homeless” because of moves that President Joe Biden’s regime has made, alienating real women in favor of whatever gender anyone feels at any time.

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“I’m a lifelong registered Democrat who ultimately feels politically homeless,” one of the real women said.

Another feminist told Fox, “I would say I’m politically homeless now because I don’t think the Democrats care about women and girls.”

“I always voted as a liberal, from 18 to 39, 38,” a third feminist said. “I registered Republican in 2020 after two politicians actually told they did not want my vote because of my stance on the rights for women and girls.”


It’s crazy to think that Republicans and others on the right would have more in common concerning the rights of women than compared to the stances of the left, who like to pervert the millennia-old concepts on gender.

Men are men. Women are women. That’s it.

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