Racist, Much? Bette Midler Blasts FLOTUS As An 'Illegal Alien' Who 'Still Can't Speak English'

Brittany M. Hughes | August 26, 2020
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Singer and actress Bette Midler —

…wait, is she still an actress? Has she sung anything lately? Like….at all?

Anyway, possible former actress Bette Midler blasted First Lady Melania Trump as an “illegal alien” who “still can’t speak English” during FLOTUS’s speech at the Republican National Convention Tuesday, proving once again that while leftists might accuse conservatives of hateful racism and xenophobia at every turn, that show seems to be perpetually stuck on the other foot.



To remind, for those who can't bother to do four seconds of basic Googling, the Slovenian-born First Lady is the first FLOTUS born outside of the United States to have become a naturalized citizen - something our pro-immigrant liberal friends should be proud of, but instead use as a cheap punching bag because they don't like her husband. 

Melanie Trump also speaks five languages - and, unlike Midler, all of them come out of her mouth.

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