RACIST? Flashback to When CNN's Jim Acosta Called the Coronavirus the 'Wuhan Coronavirus'

Brittany M. Hughes | March 12, 2020
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We’re now 11 days into March, and the media have decided President Trump, his administration, and Republican lawmakers and pundits are all “racists” for dubbing the coronavirus the “Wuhan virus,” or pointing out that it originated in China. 

Because what’s a good pandemic without a little bigotry and fingerpointing, yes? There’s just one problem.

Flashback to Jan. 23, when none other than CNN reporter Jim Acosta, Head Trump-basher himself, called the deadly disease the…wait for it…

…”Wuhan Coronavirus.”


Now, Acosta likely used the descriptor (back before he got the memo that the moniker was discriminatory, of course) to differentiate the difference between this particular strain of coronavirus and other similar coronaviruses. Or to reiterate from where the virus had stemmed. Or for any other of the myriad reasons one might point out that the bug was Chinese in geographic origin.

But that didn't stop Acosta from later criticizing Trump for calling the virus "foreign."


And so, regardless of his intent, it can now be concluded that Jim Acosta is, in fact, as proven by his own tweet, a virulent racist. Because those are the rules now.