Racist Again? Biden Suggests All ‘Latinx’ People are Illegal Immigrants

Nick Kangadis | June 25, 2021

Boy, President Joe Biden really knows how to turn identity-based comments into racist comments. He’s actually gotten pretty good at it at this point. But, as he usually reserves his racist comments for the black community, this time his faux pas was directed at “Latinx” people — otherwise known as Latinos or Latinas to people who aren’t white liberals.

On Thursday, Biden was in Raleigh, North Carolina to speak about the “Importance of Getting Vaccinated and Kicking Off a Community Canvassing Event,” according to the White House website.

During the speech, Biden referenced the “Latinx” community’s alleged hesitance to get vaccinated for the Chinese coronavirus, and well…it didn’t go so well.

“It’s awful hard, as well, to get Latinx vaccinated as well,” Biden said. “Why? They’re worried that they’ll be vaccinated and deported.”

Oof! Did the president just intimate that all “Latinx” people are illegal immigrants? Sure sounded like it, whether it was a slip-up or not.

For video of Biden’s comment, watch below: