Racism at the Golden Globes? Decide for Yourself.


Comedian Margaret Cho has received a lot of flak for her bit impersonating a North Korean general at Sunday’s Golden Globes.

The skit went as follows: 

Co-hosts Amy Poehler and Tina Fey introduced Ms. Cho as journalist and North Korean army general Cho Yung Ja:

“The Hollywood Foreign Association comprises journalists from all around the globe and we would like to now introduce you to our newest HFPA member. A contributor to Movies Wow magazine and a North Korean army general; Cho Yung Ja. Welcome.’

The Korean-American showed up on stage alongside her co-host pals dressed in an army soldier’s uniform, her face powdered and hair wound in a tight military bun. She spoke in an exaggerated accent, no doubt mocking the country and its supreme leader Kim Jong-un as his representative. 

As Cho Yung Ja, the comedian demanded a photo opportunity with actress Meryl Streep.


After the general's laughable demand was met, Fey said, “Thank you, crisis averted. God bless.”

The general went on to make appearances throughout the program. 

“In a room full of movie stars–many affected by the embarrassing Sony hack–it all seemed like good fun,” Daily Mail wrote.

Some viewers didn't think so. 

Critics via online print and social media outlets called the bit distasteful, humorless, unwitty, and racist, among other denunciations.

"That bit with Margaret Cho as the Kim regime's representative in the Hollywood Foreign Press, which managed a trio of awards-show sins: it was unfunny, racist, and incredibly long," wrote Vulture's editors.

"Twenty years ago, Cho was the first Asian-American woman to headline her own sitcom -- how did we end up here?"

Aware of what was being said about her performance, Cho took to Twitter to respond.

Her fans agreed. One fan even called the Golden Globes racist for its underrepresentation of Asian-Americans.

Do you think Ms. Cho took things too far? Or is this yet another instance of political-correctness-gone-haywire?

Watch her comedy sketch below and decide for yourself.


H/T Huff Post

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