Rachel Levine Says There's 'No Argument' Among Doctors About Giving 'Gender-Affirming Care' to Kids

Brittany M. Hughes | May 2, 2022
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Biden Assistant Secretary of Health Rachel Levine, a biological man who believes he’s a woman, says that there’s “no argument among medical professionals” about the importance of providing trans persons – including children – with “gender-affirming” care such as hormone therapy, puberty blockers, and body-mutilating surgeries.

"There is no argument among medical professionals – pediatricians, pediatric endocrinologists, adolescent medicine physicians, adolescent psychiatrists, psychologists, etc. – about the value and the importance of gender-affirming care," Levine told NPR.

Levine also claimed that "The language of medicine and science is being used to drive people to suicide.”

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The Department of Health and Human Services released a fact-sheet in March claiming that “gender-affirming” care, starting with allowing a person to “transition” socially while pumping them full of synthetic hormones, is “crucial” to transgender people, including very young kids.

Health care for trans persons includes “an array of services that may include medical, surgical, mental health, and non-medical services for transgender and nonbinary people,” HHS stated.

“For transgender and nonbinary children and adolescents, early gender-affirming care is crucial to overall health and well-being as it allows the child or adolescent to focus on social transitions and can increase their confidence while navigating the healthcare system,” the department goes on to note.

Those procedures can include, per the office:

  • Social Affirmation: Adopting gender-affirming hairstyles, clothing, name, gender pronouns, and restrooms and other facilities When: At any age or stage. Reversible
  • Puberty Blockers: Using certain types of hormones to pause pubertal development. When: During puberty. Reversible.
  • Hormone Therapy: Testosterone hormones for those who were assigned female at birth Estrogen hormones for those who were assigned male at birth. When: Early adolescence onward. Partially reversible.
  • Gender-Affirming Surgeries: “Top” surgery – to create male-typical chest shape or enhance breasts “Bottom” surgery – surgery on genitals or reproductive organs Facial feminization or other procedures. When: Typically used in adulthood or case-by-case in adolescence. Not reversible.


Unfortunately for Levine and the pro-mutilation Biden administration, it turns out not all physicians agree that giving a child hormones, stopping their bodies from going through natural puberty, and even cutting off parts of their anatomy are entirely appropriate.

In 2021, pediatrician and American Academy of Pediatrics fellow Julia Mason acknowledged that the AAP is “working very hard to give an appearance that everything’s been decided and there’s no debate.”

“The growing numbers of detransitioners suggests that [pediatricians] don’t really know what we’re doing in this case,” said Mason, who advises the “Society for Evidence-Based Gender Medicine.”

The group pointed to growing evidence – and a number of physicians – who call into question whether “gender-affirming care” is a good thing for trans persons, especially children. Despite the preponderance of data that shows transition procedures can have a harmful effect on a person suffering from gender dysphoria, the AAP and government-run health care systems across western nations have pushed for more “inclusive” policies for political reasons, even to the detriment of their own patients.


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