Rachel Dolezal is Now Selling Lollipops and ‘Melanin Spectrum Dolls’

ashley.rae | November 16, 2017

Rachel Dolezal has been keeping busy since she was outed as white and booted from her position with the Spokane NAACP.  She is now running her own gourmet, homemade lollipop business.

In a tweet on Monday, Dolezal shared a photo of her homemade lollipops:

On Facebook, Dolezal mentioned that in her memoir, she wrote about how she used to make lollipops when she was in school in order to afford clothing and shoes.

The website for the lollipops also mentions Dolezal’s childhood story. She adds,  “If you have never tasted a homemade lollipop, you are definitely missing out! Try one of my original flavors and give your mouth a treat.”

The lollipops come in packages of five for $7.99 or packs of 10 for $15.99. Dolezal also offers a discount for people who want to purchase one lollipop of each flavor, $12.00 for nine different lollipops.

Dolezal also offers lollipop lovers a “reusable dedazzled lollipop holder” for $7.

In addition to selling lollipops on her website, Dolezal also sells soy candles for $8.99, soaps for $7.99, and “melanin spectrum dolls” for $75.00.

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