Race Hustlers Dominated NASCAR’s Cook Out Southern 500 Race 

Jay Maxson | September 7, 2022
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NASCAR’s Cook Out Southern 500 at Darlington would have been better named the “Race Hustler’s 500.” Why? Because race hustlers Bubba Wallace and Dawn Staley met there, with the latter making an issue of woke WNBA star Brittney Griner. Two years ago, NASCAR also got taken in by a false race report. It was the perfect storm of race liars. 

Wallace is the black NASCAR driver who, in 2020, claimed someone had tried to intimidate him by placing a noose in the Talladega Superspeedway garage he had used. FBI agents investigated the rope and concluded that claims of a noose intended to intimidate a black driver was a lie. It was just a rope used to open the garage door. It had been there for months and there was no hate crime. 

Wallace told CNN's Don Lemon it didn’t matter how long the rope had been in the garage, and it was "a straight-up noose." 

NASCAR originally took the race bait, calling the rope a “heinous act” and declared it would find the responsible racist. 

After the FBI ruled out a hate crime, NASCAR President Steve Phelps said, "It's disturbing to hear that it was thought that one of our own had committed this heinous act. It is fantastic to hear from the FBI definitively that there was not a hate crime." 

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Staley is the women’s basketball coach at the University of South Carolina who made race news this past weekend. She canceled a two-game series against Brigham Young over a recent race hoax at that school’s volleyball venue. Staley drove the pace car at the “Race Hustlers 500” and met up with Wallace there. 

Several days ago, a black Duke University volleyball player, Rachel Richardson, charged she was the victim of racial taunts and threats at a match against BYU, in Provo, Utah. Local police investigated and ruled her claims bogus.  

Staley doesn't care that there was no hate crime. She said her national championship basketball team was canceling a home game in South Carolina against the Mormon school. 

There’s still more to the story, too. Staley tweeted about meeting Wallace, a “great guy,” and told him to “go win that thing!” She also wore a “WE ARE BIG” badge in honor of Griner, the American basketball player sitting in a Russian prison on a nine-year sentence for attempting to carry cannabis onto a plane. 

Numerous U.S. media have wrongly alleged that Griner is only in a Russian prison because of American racism. If you don’t see the connection, you’re a wise person. For example, Medium ran a story with the ridiculous title: “Brittney Griner Is In Jail In Russia Because She’s Black … .” Rebecca Stevens’ laughable story includes the claim, “The saddest part about this is that Brittney is caught up in a conflict between two old white men who are hungry for world domination.”   

NASCAR could not have created greater race hoax theater for the woke mob. Well done!