Race-Faker Rachel Dolezal To Start Exhibitionist 'OnlyFans' Site

P. Gardner Goldsmith | August 20, 2021

At a certain point in one’s relationship with an adversary, there comes a time to face the choice of feeling anger, frustration, pity, sorrow, or a mixture of those and a few other emotions.

In the case handling info about race-grifter, fake-African-American, and exposed liar Rachel Dolezal, the point for to pity might have arrived, and this is not written in any sarcastic sense.

According to National File’s Gabriel Keane, the former head of the Spokane, WA, chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) -- who claimed she was black but isn’t – has: 

(…) officially launched an account on adult paid subscription website OnlyFans. Dolezal has spoken out in in the past about how hate and discrimination from both sides of the political spectrum have left her unable to find gainful employment.

And, Keane adds:

’I started with applying for all of the things I was qualified for and after interviews and getting turned down, I even applied to jobs that didn’t even require degrees, being a maid at a hotel, working at a casino,’ Dolezal said in February 2021 about her struggles to find gainful employment. ‘I wasn’t able to get any of those jobs either.’

That facet of the story is not the reason to feel pity or compassion towards the exposed liar. Her inability to “find gainful employment” has nothing to do with “hate and discrimination,” but with the fact that she cannot be trusted, and who, if hired, would expose any employer to ridicule and shunning from the public at large, just as she has been shunned.

In a free world, reputation follows, and in a free world, reputation precedes.

Ms. Dolezal has made her own proverbial bed, and now she is lying in that bed.

But there’s more to the story, and it reflects not only on Ms. Dolezal and her blindness to her own bad choices and moral shortcomings, but on 50,000 other people around the world.

Check this out:

While OnlyFans is best known for the influx of women on the platform creating pornographic content, other forms of content can be also accessed on the website. Dolezal first asked her audience of nearly 50,000 followers on Instagram what kind of content they would be willing to pay for on Patreon or Instagram, such as health and fitness, hair care, art, or cooking.

Now, let’s be clear. Her Instagram claims to have 50,000 followers, but, based on Ms. Dolezal’s background, one cannot be sure if that is real or it might have been padded somehow.

Still, that’s a lot of people, even if there could be a few fake followers in the lot. And it begs the question:

What the--?

Why would anyone follow such a race-baiting, race-grifting, leftist narcissist?

One reply insinuated a possible, very sad, reason. As Keane reports:

’You know damn well what we’re tryna see,’ one of the most-liked comments on the post stated, accompanied by several suggestive emojis.

Which would be sad, indeed. If Ms. Dolezal, who has at least one child, were driven to create an OnlyFans account (OnlyFans recently announced that many forms of “explicit content” would not be allowed starting October 1) merely to make money from titillation, that would be a tragic descent.

So, perhaps she will employ her skills as best she can without further degrading herself. Perhaps she will make good income giving people advice on how to do hair, cook, learn forms of art, or stay fit. As Keane notes, her application to OnlyFans was approved, and she already has set up her fee schedule:

Less than day later, Dolezal announced that she had officially launched an OnlyFans account, writing in part, ‘I got approved! …LINK IN BIO! ~ My OnlyFans content launches September 1st! Swipe to see what my content plan is. 3x weekly posts + others sprinkled in = 12+ content pieces per month. For only $3 (40% off), you can try for 30 days if you Subscribe by Aug 25th: FIRST 10 people only! A little something for (almost) everyone. Looking forward to bringing you some great content! You can also cancel at anytime, including after the 30-day discount subs. Thanks for your support.’

And Dolezal even mentioned that she would like to offer some of the fifteen college classes she used to teach.

Which presents some final, lingering and uncomfortable thoughts.

The first is a very isolating one, the thought of: “How is it possible that this strange Bizarro World exists?" Why would 50K people following a known deceiver? Who would want to take any class offered by this woman?

But then, the Christian inside speaks, and tries to wish her the best, despite her prior mistakes. Finding a path to a better life that helps her get away from the lies and deceptions is a positive, and, if she can find a way to provide for her family without race-baiting and taking advantage of others, that’s an improvement.

Seeing Dolezal make this move leaves one wary, but hopeful, despite the fact that she is parlaying her own fame or infamy. One can hope that people who have done others wrong in the past can redeem themselves and change their lives for the better.

The ability to change one’s reputation in a free market also is in each of our hands. Let’s hope she takes advantage of that, step by step, instead of taking advantage of others.


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