Quebec City Health Commish Says City Is Forcibly 'Isolating Uncooperative' People Who’ve Tested Positive for COVID19

P. Gardner Goldsmith | September 9, 2020
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During a recent press conference, Quebec City “Public Health Department” head Dr. Jacques Girard let slip that the government has begun putting innocent people into concentration camps.

Paul Joseph Watson reports:

Authorities in Quebec City, Canada have announced they will isolate ‘uncooperative’ citizens in a coronavirus facility, the location of which remains a secret.

How nice.

And there’s more…

During a press conference, Dr. Jacques Girard, who heads the Quebec City public health authority, drew attention to a case where patrons at a bar were ordered to wait until their COVID-19 tests came back, but disregarded the command and left the premises before the results came back positive.

This would be based on a test that isn’t reliable, and as the inventor of the PCR test noted, should not be used for diagnostic purposes.

But even if these folks are ill (with a virus the fatality rate of which is no worse than the flu), the acts of the government are unwarranted and immoral. As people familiar with ethics understand, the existence of free will and individual ownership structure human relations in such a way as to show us that voluntary interaction is not to be prohibited by the state. Any voluntary interaction is based on free will and one’s own assumption of risk. It is the government, by using tax money to forcibly invade people’s homes and then remove them to these horrifying “camps,” that engages in aggressive activity and removes any link to free will or voluntary association.

In a free world, sick people would be free to exist on their own, as long as they didn’t invade the property of others against the wishes of those others. It’s only in the “public sphere” where government runs things that everyone claims to be able to mix together, and where various claims over the rules of the government-run property come into conflict. Houses, stores, private parks, restaurants, and all other places that are privately owned operate – or are SUPPOSED to operate – based on the choices and self-control of those who own or are invited in or asked not to come in. That’s called liberty, and it leads to much better outcomes than what the government of Quebec is doing.

Watson also highlighted how the Quebec City government is tracking people, as a way to facilitate their arrest and imprisonment in the “camps.”

’Because we have had people isolated at home. And then, we saw the person was not at home. So, we went to their home, and then told them, we are isolating you where we want you to be,’ said Girard.

This is stunning, and getting very little attention. This is fascist, it’s totalitarian, and it’s the kind of thing that Nazi Germany did to “protect” the public from “certain kinds of people.”

Shame on those involved with this – and on anyone who overtly or tacitly accepts it.