Putin or Biden's Fault? Nat'l Avg. Gas Price Up 5 Cents in a Day, 30 Cents in a Week!

Nick Kangadis | June 7, 2022
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We keep hearing how everything is Russian President Vladimir Putin’s fault. Whether it’s gas prices or food shortages or your favorite show wasn’t renewed for another season, take the easy way out and just blame ol’ Vladi Dadi.

Except when it comes to the financial difficulties that have been thrust upon American citizens, there’s one body, one entity that is culpable for all blame — the Biden regime.

If you’ve been feeling the financial pinch as a result of the Biden regime’s actions, you’re not alone.

According to AAA, the national average price for a gallon of regular gas now sits at $4.919. For context, that is over five cents higher than it was on Monday ($4.865/gal.), nearly 30 cents higher than it was a week ago ($4.622/gal.), nearly 62 cents higher than a month ago ($4.301/gal.) and is just about 14 cents shy of being two dollars more than it was a year ago ($3.053/gal.).

The communist hellhole that is California continues to leave the rest of the states in the U.S. in its dust with a nation-high average of $6.371/gal. Second place is nearly 85 cents behind California, on average (Nevada, $5.525/gal.).

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For the “cheapest” average gas prices in the country, that distinction goes to the state of Georgia with an average price at the pump of $4.330/gal.

Even “E85,” otherwise known as Ethanol fuel, has seen a rise of its average price of nearly 50 cents in month, going from $3.730/gal. to $4.225/gal.

And yet, despite all the pressure put onto American families by the current regime, President Joe Biden still has the nerve to look the American people straight in the eye and pretend as if everything’s okay, as if the seemingly intentional financial burden placed on people doesn’t exist.

I grew up in a family about 100 miles from here that if — where if the price of gas went up, you felt it.  It was a discussion at the kitchen table.

And there is no denying that high prices, particularly around gasoline and food, are a real problem for people.

But there is every reason for the American people to feel confident that we’ll meet these challenges.  Because of the enormous progress we’ve made on the economy, the Americans can tackle inflation from a position of strength.  Still a problem, but we can tackle it from a position of strength.

Come on, pal. Pull the other one!


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