'Punk' Greg Gutfeld Nukes Geraldo Rivera During Roe v. Wade Exchange: 'Am I Your New Bongino?'

Nick Kangadis | May 5, 2022
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Once or twice a year, Geraldo Rivera — one of Fox News’ resident ‘middle-of-the-road’ lefties — has a take that isn’t completely detached from reality. Wednesday’s edition of “The Five” wasn’t one of those instances when he and co-host Greg Gutfeld got into a heated exchange concerning the possible overturning of Roe v. Wade, a law based on a lie.

Rivera, as most on the left do, based his argument against overturning the law on emotion rather than on substance.

I have three daughters in the state of Ohio is a fetal heartbeat law that will now be in place. It will now be the law in the state of Ohio. And what am I going to tell my daughters now? That they don’t have control over their body? That they can’t make those choices for themselves that some old man, scratching his belly in some other state is going to say —

That’s when Rivera trailed off because his argument was so weak.

After showing a video package of some in the establishment further proving that it doesn’t take intelligence to be famous on TV, Gutfeld wasn’t about to let them or Rivera get away with pushing false narratives and distorting reality.

Gutfeld stated his case against the overcomplicated arguments the pro-abortion crowd like to trot out instead of making it simpler, and, in Gutfeld’s opinion, a more respectable stance.

“The problem with the pro-choicers is they don’t have the balls to state their case plainly,” Gutfeld said in the midst of his comments.

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To which Rivera responded, “‘My body, my choice.’ How much simpler can you get?”

The only problem with that take is that Rivera didn’t feel the same way when it came to COVID vaccines.

Back to present day, and Gutfeld wasn’t having any of Rivera’s establishment, pre-approved talking points.

“Let me finish,” Gutfeld told Rivera. “You already did you ad hominem.”

“Ad hominem? It was not,” Rivera interjected.

“Yeah, you insulted a few people there,” Gutfeld retorted before going on a mini-rant.

We talked about this. People are more concerned about what they will lose than what they will gain. Because you don’t have to imagine loss. All you have to do is talk to somebody who lost a child. But you don’t have to imagine it, and it’s there forever. A pro-choice mom can look at her adorable two-year-old and think, ‘My life would be nothing without her’ in 2022. In 2017, when she was young and single, didn’t have a kid, she could only imagine the loss of her freedom, right? So that’s the issue. The issue here is that people need to imagine. They can’t step back and see how pro-choice arguments are driven by refusal to imagine what that baby could be. But then when that baby ‘bee’s’ [sic], then suddenly it changes, right? And then they have to create reasons. They have to create all these reasons to be pro-choice rather than just be honest and say, ‘Yeah, it kills an unborn kid, but I prefer my freedom.’ That’s all you gotta say. You’ll get so much more respect.

The other thing that drives me crazy, now that I’m on my soapbox, is it used to be that even the pro-choicers would admit that abortion was an ugly thing. But they felt it had to be a necessary evil, something that would be safe and rare. That was the argument you always heard. But now, when you go anywhere on social media, it’s something to celebrate, to cherish, right?

“To shout,” co-host Dana Perino chimed in.

“That’s baloney,” Rivera responded, before using another appeal to emotion. “Cherish the wire hanger stuck up their privates trying to get —“

That’s when it got really tense, and Gutfeld called Rivera’s boisterous bluff.

“This is exactly what I expected,” Gutfeld said. “Bring out the old coat hanger.”

“You’re a arrogant…” Rivera said before stopping himself, realizing he’s a 78-year-old man.

“Go for it, Geraldo,” Gutfeld came back. “Come on. Keep going. You’re making a fool of yourself.”

“Don’t you — you know something, you insulting punk?” Rivera shot back before Gutfeld shut down the argument with a verbal nuke.

“Ha! Oh, what? Am I your new Bongino?” Gutfeld flippantly said.


Gutfeld was referring to an April 2021 altercation between Rivera and conservative radio personality Dan Bongino in which Rivera called Bongino a “son of a bitch” and a “punk.”

Once again, Rivera did and does what most lefties do. They go for ad hominem attacks and call their opponents names because their arguments end up being as unintelligent as they make themselves out to be.