'Punishing Pronouns': Va. County Warned Over 'Malicious Misgendering' Plan

Jessica Kramer | June 2, 2022
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America First Legal has sent a letter to the Chair of the Fairfax County School Board in VA claiming that the boards proposed changes to the student handbook contribute to an unconstitutional disciplinary regime.

The proposed changes in the handbook increase penalties for both young and older students that misgender their peers, including suspensions.

America First Legal claims the proposed amendment by FCPS creates unfettered discretion to apply a vague and overbroad regulation that could result in abuse based on the subjective interpretation of staff, in violation of the First Amendment.

“This is a breathtaking overreach demonstrating both a deep-seated arrogance and indifference to students’ rights of conscience, free speech, and the right of parents to raise their child as they see fit,” the organization claims.

Ian Prior of America First joins MRCTV to discuss the proposed punishment of pronouns in Fairfax County. Watch the video above.