Pump the Brakes! Nat'l Gas Price Avg. Has Risen 10 Cents in the Last Two Weeks

Nick Kangadis | February 25, 2022
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Well, it’s been about two weeks since I last reported on the national average price of gas — you know, something that affects us plebs on a daily basis.

The national gas price average on February 10 was $3.47 per gallon. Exactly one week prior to that report, which is updated daily by AAA, MRCTV’s Eric Scheiner reported that the average price of gas was $3.36/gal.

That was an 11-cent increase in one week.

Two weeks later, after some stagnation in the national average, the price has gone up again. This time, as of Friday, February 25, AAA is reporting that the national average per gallon of gas sits at $3.57.

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Besides the link above, here’s a screenshot of AAA’s report:


For context, the state of Arkansas has the lowest average gas price at $3.21/gal., while California — no shocker there — has the highest average, coming in at a whopping $4.79/gal.

With increased inflation, based both on the ineptitude of President Joe Biden’s regime and the escalating Russia/Ukraine conflict, those prices — no matter where you live — will continue to increase over the coming weeks and months with very little, if any, respite in sight.

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