Puh-lease! U.N. Study Says Nearly 9 in 10 People Have 'Deeply Ingrained Bias' Against Women

Nick Kangadis | March 6, 2020
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You’re all bigots and racist and sexists! Didn’t you know? Well, the United Nations (U.N.) is at it again with another useless report that no one besides the typical virtue signalers and globalist sheep latch onto as gospel. I honestly don’t know why anyone still takes the U.N. seriously.

The U.N. Development Programme (UNDP) released the results of a study that found “close to nine out of 10 men and women around the world, hold some sort of bias against women.” The data was compiled from people in 75 countries which, according to the UNDP, is “collectively home to more than 80 per cent of the global population.”

The UNDP’s findings mean that it doesn’t matter whether you’re a man or woman, you probably have at least one bias against the female gender.

The study, known as the Gender Social Norms Index, had respondents choose a degree to which they agreed or disagreed to each of the seven statements presented — from strongly agree to strongly disagree.

Here are the statements the respondents had to answer in a survey titled #CheckYourBias:

1. On the whole, men make better political leaders than women do

2. It is not essential that women have the same rights as men

3. University education is more important for men than for women

4. When jobs are scarce, men should have more right to a job than women

5. On the whole, men make better business executives than women do

6. It is justifiable for a man to beat his wife

7. Women should have the right to choose their family planning methods

You’d think most rational people would say that the answer to some of those statements depend on the situation. Sometimes men deserve whatever it is more, and sometimes, women deserve whatever the situation calls for more.

This whole study seems pretty general. Then again, it is the U.N.

As for the breakdown of the study by country, the top three countries with the greatest percentage of people with at least one bias are Pakistan (99.81 percent), Qatar (99.73 percent) and Nigeria (99.73 percent).

The three countries with the lowest percentage of people with at least one bias are Andorra (27.01 percent), Sweden (30.01 percent) and the Netherlands (39.75 percent).

The United States, according to the study, has an index of 57.31 percent of people who hold at least one bias against women. Other notable countries include Canada (51.53 percent), China (88.27 percent) and Iran (98.54 percent).

If you’d like to see more numbers from the study, you can download a PDF here.

Of course, take this study with a grain of salt, again, because it’s the U.N. They deal in making countries feel guilty for things they can’t control. The U.N. wants you to #CheckYourBias, but they should look in a mirror before opening their unelected mouths.

Just keep in mind that women are so oppressed they're permitted to shut down large areas of major cities across the U.S. every January in order to display signs about their private parts.

Don’t let an organization that simply doesn’t mean nearly as much as it might have once upon a time lecture you on how terrible we are as human beings. I kind of view the U.N. through the lens of the belief of mind over matter. I don’t mind, because they don’t matter.

H/T: Breitbart