Public University Hosts Clothing Drive for Trans Students

ashley.rae | February 13, 2017
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Marshall University, West Virginia’s “most LGBT friendly university,” is holding a clothing drive to benefit trans students who choose to cross-dress at school.

Unlike clothing drives that are usually done to benefit poor and economically disadvantaged people, Marshall University’s clothing drive, hosted by the Office of Intercultural Affairs, is asking for donations for a “trans closet” that will be located in the LGBTQ+ Office for students to peruse.

The clothing drive, which will be hosted from Feb. 6 through Feb. 24, claims the trans community on campus “needs new or gently used clothing.” The drive suggests donating “casual clothing, formal clothing, swimwear, chest binders, jewelry, and transgender accessories.”

The donation bins will be located in the school’s LGBTQ+ Office, the Women Studies Department, and dorm buildings across campus.

(Image source: Facebook)

Psychology major Ashlee Vandruff, a volunteer for the LGBTQ+ Office, told the Marshall University student newspaper that the trans closet available on campus will relieve the burden of having to actually go out and go shopping.

“Going out to buy clothing can at the best of times be exhausting, and at the worst can lead to harassment,” she explained. “Great ways to help is to work towards having a safe space where people are accepted despite their sexuality, gender, race and etcetera.”

Apparently, undergraduate students who can afford to pay anywhere from $14,470 to $31,774 per year to attend the public university need gently used donated clothing because going shopping would just be too “exhausting.”

Marshall University did not respond to MRCTV’s request for comment at the time of publication.

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