Public Figures Left & Right In US and UK Are Sounding ALARMS About Vaccine 'Passports'

P. Gardner Goldsmith | April 2, 2021

Operant Conditioning.

That’s the term that behavioral psychologist Burrhus Frederic (BF) Skinner popularized in the 20thCentury, following on the heels of behaviorists John Watson and 19thCentury psychologist Ivan Pavlov. It stressed the manner in which “carrots and sticks” – benefits and punishment – could be used on animals and humans to shape their behavior to what their masters desired.

This is precisely what the “public-private partnerships” of so-called “vaccine passports” are, and people from all positions on the old political spectrum are speaking out against them.

The latest news emerges from Great Britain, where dozens of MPs, from numerous parties, are rising in opposition to Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s blithe embrace of not only the idea of corporate-state unions to demand electronic “papers” for international EU travel, but for entrance into British PUBS.

Ahh, yes. Nothing like the freedom of movement and free association, eh?

Liberal Democrat leader Sir Ed Davey calls it “creeping authoritarianism,” and the BBC quotes Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen saying:

’It would be divisive, effectively creating an underclass of people who are not vaccinated, many of whom won't be vaccinated for medical reasons,’ he added. ‘It's a major infringement of civil liberties.’

Thousands of Brits are protesting this egregious assault on civil liberties masked behind the Orwellian term “freedom pass”, but, as if Pied Pipers, British and EU authoritarians are beating a path for the childish Biden Administration, numerous lower-level US politicians, like NY Governor Andrew Cuomo, and their corporate US media sycophants, such as Cuomo’s little brother, and CNN talker, Chris, to follow towards that very dangerous authoritarian cliff.

Across the US, freedom-lovers gaped at the sheer, sinister, audacity of NY Governor Andrew Cuomo (he who is blamed for thousands of needless, senseless deaths due to his demand that COVID-positive patients be placed in state-run or state-regulated nursing homes) to tout a “public-private partnership” (technically called fascism) in the “rollout” of his “Excelsior Pass.” 

“Excelsior” – Latin for “higher,” a term applied to a 1778 NY coat of arms, and the name of a famous 19thCentury Henry Wadsworth Longfellow poem -- is a so-called “vaccine passport” that would corral citizens into the false dichotomy Cuomo and his authoritarian ilk prefer: imposing government “lockdown” restrictions on people, threatening government-imposed fines and legal action against businesses, and creating “sticks” of penalties and difficult economic interaction for those who don’t get the so-called “COVID19 vaccines,” while, simultaneously, offering this “answer”, in the carrot form of the “pass”, a QR code people could flash on their phone anyplace that demanded people be vaccinated before being granted entrance.

If one has a modicum of imagination, that could mean anyplace the government shakedown machine pushes to demand said “E Card” in order to “protect against transmission of the virus.”

And, for those who have contacted me to ask: yes, I DID have a short dystopian tale about something like this published in a charitable horror anthology nearly ten years ago. I did suspect something like this might happen, and I set the story in London, where authoritarian lockdown philosophy was pretty danged high already.

I didn’t think the US would rush so quickly to follow, and I never thought about Israel, where, already, citizens are being herded into what some call “castes” of those who have accepted the jab and are free to roam, and those who have not, and cannot gain entrance to simple spaces like shopping centers. Reports the Associated Press:

Anyone unwilling or unable to get the jabs that confer immunity will be 'left behind,’ said Health Minister Yuli Edelstein.

But that statement, and the positions of people like Cuomo and apparatchiks within the Biden Administration, are based on a number of faulty assumptions and authoritarian propaganda.

The first to note is that most of these jabs are not actually “vaccines.” The mRNA injections insert messenger RNA into the human host to cause human ribosomes to produce the foreign viral “hook” that, in turn, will be seen by the host immune system as foreign, inspiring an auto-immune response against the foreign hook that one’s own body is now inspired to create. How long that goes on, if it ever stops, whether the mRNA can be spread through blood transfusions, what the long-term consequences of this are – none of that is known, because these mRNA jabs have not had the standard two-year test period. They are, technically, experimental, and people taking them cannot give informed consent to them, because informed consent requires actual information about the long-term consequences of said jabs. The only major “vaccines” that operate in a slightly different fashion are the AstraZeneca, CanSino Biologics and Johnson & Johnson – all of which utilize an adenovirus vector to prompt an immune response. But, even those present major questions about efficacy, ethics of creation, and informed consent.

The second faulty assumption is that Wuhan SARS Cov2 (aka the pathogen cited as the origin of COVID19) is catastrophically deadly. As I have noted for MRCTV, the survivability rate for COVID19 overall is 99.97 percent. Additionally, in May, 2009, the World Health Organization decreased the lethality threshold for what it called a “pandemic”, allowing its members, politicians, and the press, to engage in fear-mongering, calling the appearances of relatively less deadly pathogens “pandemics” when, in fact, they weren’t, according to the original use of the term.

Third, there’s the false assumption that gatherings of “non-jabbed” and “unmasked” people lead to spikes in the aforementioned 99.97 percent survivable COVID19. This simply is not the case. The data do not make the case that lockdown mandates or mask mandates make any statistical difference in the spread of COVID19.

Fourth. Both the case and fatality numbers are unreliable. As I wrote for MRCTV in January, the federal government has subsidized medical facilities for claims that deaths are caused by COVID19, even when they might not have been, and the Polymerase Chain-Reaction (PCR) test for the pathogen is not only unreliable, beyond seventeen cycles of sample reproduction, it is highly likely to produce false positives for COVID19.

Fifth, after dragging their heels on the obvious, last fall, the CDC finally admitted that asymptomatic spread of this awe-inspiringly “deadly” pathogen was… near zero, and that kids stand little chance of spreading it.

Sixth. There is nothing in the US Constitution or the NY State constitution that allows either of said governments to engage in “public-private partnerships” to create these apps, promote these apps, or require businesses to operate in ANY fashion the politicians command. In fact, the Contract Clause of the US Constitution prohibits states from interfering in the fulfillment of standing contracts, and the Bill of Rights prohibits all governments from infringing on freedom of assembly, from searches of people without warrants (which would mean the government can’t demand your “PAPERS” and can’t collect your medical data – which the 1996 HIPAA statute does on a federal level and which is used for “contact tracing”), from shutting down businesses, from closing churches and fining people for not wearing masks. Such principles also apply to so-called “federal land” and AMTRAK, because the US Constitution only allows the feds to “own” or “run” Washington DC, territories, and land for federal garrisons.

But this is not stopping the technocrats in government nor their media pawns, even as those pawns let slip the fascist, corporate-government alliance that certain big businesses and bailout-loving corporations and multinational organizations have formed. On March 29, big-government fan CNN noted:

The Vaccination Credential Initiative -- which includes IBM, Microsoft, Salesforce, Oracle, Mayo Clinic and the Commons Project, a nonprofit with a vaccine passport app currently working with some airlines -- is playing a key role in developing US standards and guidelines for digital health passes…

And if one does some digging, one knows that “The Commons Project” aka, The Commons Project Foundation is the primary worldwide pusher of the “Common Pass,” and is a connected to Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum and the population-reduction-planning Rockefeller Foundation, and they are all pushing for the “Great Reset” what would crush even more of what’s left of the free market, smothering it with central-bank created, government directed cash directed towards politicians and corporations that play along with these freedom-restricting machinations.

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The system is growing stronger, spreading its roots through corporate sellouts that will work hand-in-glove with the politicians to push people through “operant conditioning.”

Perhaps that’s why CNN’s Chris Cuomo recently claimed he got “vaccinated” despite last year’s theatrics that he had COVID19. If he had it, he should have antibodies, antibodies that the “science” says will last and fight off the dreaded “variants” of COVID19 some people fear. And perhaps that’s why Chris recently fawned over former Planned Parenthood President Dr. Leana Wen, as she cooed about this technocratic “carrot and stick” approach to shut people out of shops unless they’re carrying their government-approved “pass.”

Not everyone is buying this unethical claptrap. Folks such as those MPs in the UK, and even well known left-civil-libertarian Naomi Wolf are sounding the alarm, observing the clear potential of them becoming the final nails in the coffin of dying American liberty.

The Longfellow poem, “Excelsior,” opens:

The shades of night were falling fast, 

As through an Alpine village passed 

A youth, who bore, 'mid snow and ice, 

A banner with the strange device, 


These technocrats know precisely what they are doing trying to make you carry their “banner with the strange device.”

The poem ends:

A traveller, by the faithful hound, 

Half-buried in the snow was found, 

Still grasping in his hand of ice 

That banner with the strange device, 


There, in the twilight cold and gray, 

Lifeless, but beautiful, he lay, 

And from the sky, serene and far, 

A voice fell like a falling star,