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Anti-Gun Protestors Stage 'Die-In' At Ted Nugent Concert Venue


Protestors staged a “die-in” at a performing arts center in Virginia because they’re unhappy that Ted Nugent likes guns.

The protest is because they don’t agree with Nugent's point of view on the Second Amendment. 

Andy Parker, whose daughter was shot and killed in 2015, organized the protest earlier this month at the Berglund Center in Roanoke, Va. 

WDBJ reports the protest was put together “because of Nugent's statements on gun rights and gun control, and what Parker describes as his vile behavior.”

"It's an outrage to me and the people of Roanoke who think this community deserves better," Parker said.

A rolling billboard with Ted Nugent's face on the side is being used to protest the rockers appearance at the venue next week.

The billboard says, “Would you invite Ted Nugent - a violent creep into your home? The Berglund Center did.”

The Berglund Center released this statement:

We are a public assembly facility and must obey the law, which includes non-discrimination against anyone or any artist based on their political views. We are in the business of hosting diverse events that appeal to citizens of Southwest Virginia. Ted Nugent wanted to perform in Roanoke, Virginia, and we could not turn away his business simply because not everyone shares his values. People come to concerts to hear the music of their favorite artists. Ted Nugent is performing a concert, not hosting a political rally.


But the protests are purely political. 

Nugent is set to hit the stage at the Berglund Center July 17th.

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